What We Are Doing to Keep Our Team and Patients Safe

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put in place enhanced precautions and protocols to protect our team and patients:

  • We have focused on extensive team training
  • We have implemented new infection control protocols
  • Our office is a mask-only space

SAFE SCHEDULING – Appointments have been staggered and hours adjusted to limit the number of people in the clinic.

PRE-SCREENING – All patients are being pre-screened prior to their appointment via telephone for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors to ensure our clinic stays COVID-free. A second patient screening will be done upon entry into the clinic. Also, patients’ temperature will be taken using a digital thermometer.

PATIENT CHECK-IN – Only patients can enter the clinic, family members will have to wait outside. In case a family member must accompany the patient they will be subject to full check-in protocol. Patients are requested to arrive at the time of their appointment, not any earlier, to maintain social distancing. In case of early arrival, we suggest waiting somewhere safe outside the clinic, such as in a car.

MASKS ARE MANDATORY – Patients and staff are required to wear masks while in the clinic. We can provide masks if the patient does not have their own.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING SIGNS – Signs have been placed throughout the clinic to enforce minimum physical distance.

ADAPTED ARRIVAL PROCEDURES & SIGNAGE – Patients are being guided directly from the entrance to treatment rooms to eliminate physical contact with surfaces.

TEAM CHECK-IN – All team members and healthcare providers are following mandatory self-screening protocols.

INCREASED HAND WASHING & SANITIZING – Hand sanitizers are positioned throughout the clinic and regular hand washing is observed.

CLEAN ENVIRONMENT – Magazines and items that can harbour or transfer germs from one patient to the next have been removed.

ENHANCED STERILIZATION – All surfaces are sterilized before and after appointments with hospital grade disinfectant products.

ENHANCED DAILY AND NIGHTLY DISINFECTION – Equipment and all frequently touched surfaces such as keyboards, telephones, tablets, chairs and doorknobs are disinfected regularly.

EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL – Tips for enhancing patients’ awareness of health issues related to the pandemic are available.


As always, we stay committed to bringing knowledge, technology and experience together for the best possible treatments for our patients.

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